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„We should give something tasty to the body so that the soul feels like staying in it.”

Dear residents and visitors of Prague!
Fairy tale time is coming…and it means that Santa Claus is already preparing the sledge where he packs long-desired presents and New Year greetings…
That is why we are glad to invite you to celebrate a New Year`s Eve at the restaurant „Pražský most u Valšů“, where you will definitely have fun and where is a lot of fresh beer from our brewery.
More details about the program and menu you may found out by clicking the photo on the right side.
We are looking forward to seeing you there on the New Year`s Eve party!

New 2016 year



The primary domain of our restaurant is two copper boshes situated directly in the restaurant itself. Our whole small brewery is designed in a way so that you can see how we brew our beer and how it matures in our tanks. When the previous owners made a deal with the administrator of the house and rented the cellars with the aim to build a restaurant, they had no idea what treasure awaits them under the grounds of the cellar – now our brewery and restaurant.

One of the craftsmen, then, found an old coppery iron roll while digging a pit. This roll contained a scroll bundle that said: „Heat water in a bosh up to 38°C and add malting barley; keep the same temperature while stirring constantly. After 20 minutes, detract one portion of the liquid and heat the mash which is left up to 62°C while stirring it constantly. Take care not to burn the contents of the bosh.“ Surely you will forgive us that we will not give away the rest of the original recipe.

Yes, as you all correctly expect, this craftsman found a recipe for brewing beer in the grounds of our today’s brewery. The legend says that this ordinary craftsman became a hero after he faithfully gave this treasure to the owner.

Because this craftsman lived in the proximity of the Prague Bridge, he named the beer after it. A legend was born through this little story and now you have a unique opportunity to taste the beer yourselves.


Beer tastes the best with meat and it is no different in our restaurant. We marinade all our meat according to secret recipes of our chef always one day before they are roasted.

Our zingy pork knee will fall apart on your plate, our roasted marinated ribs peel off the bones by themselves; we roast our duck and goose legs delicately for several hours in their own fat and we make sure they have a crunchy crust when we serve them. Even a fan of Czech classical cuisine will be content in our restaurant – our sour-cream sauce and honey goulash will definitely flatter your taste buds. We are proud to recommend you four types of homemade dumplings with our main dishes. We prepare these dumplings ourselves also according to secret recipes.

Even ladies can find a wide range of choices in our restaurants. Our beefsteak with coffee marinade or honey pork neck and unconventional salad variations will surely make you feel satisfied.